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BugsAway Pest Control is a fresh, innovative business offering pest control services for commercial buildings, the hospitality industry, residential areas and anywhere where needed. Every project is seen as a new challenge and taken on with the enthusiasm and mindset of one’s “first project”. No matter the challenge, BugsAway Pest Control will rise to it and ensure the satisfaction of our clients.


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The word pest is defined as an animal or insect which competes with humans for food and shelter, usually causing damage to goods and property. By definition pests are nothing short of an unwanted annoyance to human beings with the potential to cause copious damage, whether it be damaging one’s business reputation, or worse by contamination of goods as these pests are disease carriers.


BugsAway Pest Control acknowledges the danger of such organisms and has taken on the challenge of implementing not only eradication measures to get rid of pests, but implementing integrated pest management measures to ensure long lasting control of pests once eradication has taken place.


BugsAway Pest Control has had experience in constructing specialised pest control solutions for residential homes, residential complexes, commercial buildings, restaurants, retail stores and others.


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BugsAway Pest Control strives to be a market leader in the pest control services industry. To deliver quality service with passion to ensure the complete satisfaction of our clients.


BugsAway Pest Control’s objectives are as follows:

  • Developing specialised pest control solutions to provide a pest free environment for our clients
  • Reduction of damage to property and stored goods due to pest related problems at the premises of our clients
  • Reduction in the contamination of goods due to disease carrying pests at the premises of our clients

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BugsAway offers a pest control solution that is tailored to suit your needs and the needs for your business or residential homes


Application of newest technology, latest products and trends globally.

Environmentally safe methodologies.

Members of SAPCA (S.A. Pest Control Association)

Qualified, trained personnel.

We also use SABS tested products.

Registered with the PCSIB (Pest Control Services Industries Board).

All products and services are HACCP* (Hazard Analysis at Critical Control Point) compliant.

All technicians are registered with Department of Agriculture. (Act 36/ 1947)


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