bUGSaWAY services


Liquid Spray Treatment

hudson vim sprayerThe liquid spray is odourless and will leave behind a residual which will remain to protect the area once treatment is complete. This is no fumigation and no smell as it is a liquid spray. The liquid treatment only needs to dry and once it has dried, it will remain there to protect the area as it is rain and wash resistant.The treatment has a long lasting residual effect to ensure protection against any new pests (within its target range) that may enter the treated area.




RespiratorFumigation Foggers

The treated area must be totally vacated and sealed for at least 6 hours before re-entry is allowed. Suitable for a broad spectrum of crawling and flying insects and will ensure eradication of all insects both crawling and flying.



Rodent Bait Stations

AlphaTopRodent bait stations are used to treat areas with any rodent activity (both rats & mice).
They are feeding station and we used both solid bait (wax blocks) as well as liquid bait (when necessary).We used a specialized rodent attractant with our bait stations to ensure maximum results, luring any rodents within the target area to feed at the feeding stations.
The baits we use take the environment into consideration, and will not effect any secondary animals which may feed on any rodents which have fed on the baits (household pets like cats or dogs, owls,

We use a non-toxic rodent pheromone attractant as well as rodent bait blocks in conjunction with the alpha bait station.
The bait station is tamper proof and remains locked at all times (only we have a key)


Rodent Traps

trex-rat-trapRodent traps are used in conjunction with the rodent bait stations but are only
used when absolutely necessary in situations where the immediate capture of the rodents are necessary (restaurants for example).